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Certificate Programme In Power Generation (Plant Operations, I & C, Electrical/ Mechanical Maintenance)

Certificate Programme In Power Generation (Plant Operations, I & C, Electrical/ Mechanical Maintenance)

This course offers a basic understanding of the four major job roles in the generation plant; namely:- Plant Operations, Instrumentation & Controls and Electrical / Mechanical Maintenance. The course will ensure that the trainees are equipped with the skills to fit in into any of the specialized roles. The course starts with the general overview of the Nigerian Power Sector, bearing in mind, the historical development, structure, economics, safety and challenges confronting the industry. The Power Plant Operations Module will address the need of the Prospective Power Plant Operators to understand basic principles of power generation, monitor power parameters with a view to optimizing power and ensuring safety of personnel and equipment, and thus ensure efficient operations and maintenance of the power plant. The Instrumentation and Controls Module aims at enabling the trainee to understand the instruments used in the power industry and their applications in control of generating plants. Understand the operational principle of Instrumentation equipment, devices and generic instrumentation systems. In simple term, control means to regulate, direct, command or govern. A Control System is thus an arrangement or combination of components connected or related in such a manner as to regulate, direct, command or govern itself or another system which provides a desired output or response to a given input or stimulus. The Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance section is targeted at equipping the trainees with the right approach to troubleshooting without guessing or using trial and error method. This eliminates wastage on components parts, thus allowing only defective components to be replaced in the course of troubleshooting. AETI Power Systems and Controls Limited; a training provider, has combined all relevant elements of education, training, experience and validation to evolve a solution-oriented training roadmap that ensures skills for on-the-job performance of the trainees. Skills resulting from this training are directed toward decreasing plant down time, improve efficiency in output and enhance the confidence of trainees to build a career in the power industry.

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What you'll learn

  • Acquire skills in power system automation and make them employable in the power generating plant
  • Know the various types of test equipment, operations and measure electrical parameters
  • Understand the Principle of measurement and control of process variables such as temperature, flow rate, level and pressure.
  • Familiar with electrical faults associated with generating plant and how to clear such faults
  • Understand the effective operation and maintenance of plant equipment, materials and tools
  • Acquire systematic approach to troubleshooting and maintenance procedures

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Ayegbusi Oluwole

  • Students: 0
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Category: POWER SYSTEMS
  • Assessment: Yes

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