Mechanical Drives Systems Maintenance

Mechanical Drives Systems Maintenance

This course provides practical skills training employees to maintain common mechanical drive systems on electrically driven machinery. Participants should be able to identify & use common hand tools, read & discuss technical information, perform computational math & precision measuring and understand basic mechanical device applications. Skills resulting from this training are directed towards decreasing machinery down time, improve efficiency in production output and enhance communication skill of employees.

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What you'll learn

  • Identify common bearings by proper name and application
  • Explain purpose for lubrication and interpret lube specifications to match specific applications
  • Describe a basic proactive approach to implement a preventive maintenance programme.
  • Analyze symptoms of wear to troubleshoot system failure
  • Identify reasons for rotating machinery to have a specific ratio between driver and driven components
  • Recognize and avoid common safety hazards associated with mechanical drive system
  • Identify and use common mechanical drive train fasteners
  • Properly install Belts, chains and gears.

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Godwin Asuquo

  • Students: 0
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Assessment: Yes

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