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Basic Plc For Beginners (SIEMENS S7 300, 400, 1200, 1500

Basic Plc For Beginners (SIEMENS S7 300, 400, 1200, 1500

Programmable logic controllers, known for short as PLCs, are an integral part of automation at the lower, middle and upper performance levels. Due to the ever-increasing size and complexity of the hardware and software required in automation projects, the industry has had to develop faster, more capable and effective automation systems and to simplify handling for users The SIMATIC automation system unites all of the subsystems of an automation solution under a uniform system architecture to form a homogenous whole from the field level right up to process control. This course is intended to provide the PLC BASICS FOR BEGINNERS, concepts and terminologies, and not implementation of knowledge and skills. This course will also describe the hardware components of the SIMATIC S7-300 automation system with standard controllers. It will also give the student a solid, basic understanding of the language of Ladder Logic. After completing this course, you may be interested in learning about how to program any Siemens PLC with SIMATIC Manager. This course is recommended as a prerequisite to more advanced training, but it can also be helpful if you simply want to learn basic concepts.

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What you'll learn

  • How is a program executed in an automation device
  • What are the different signal types
  • What are the advantages of a programmable logic controller (PLC) over a hard-wired controller
  • How do you program in function block diagram and ladder logic

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Maduekwe Ukpai

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  • Duration: 3 days
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